:Security Break by r00tb04M:
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Indonesia Cyber Crew ( r00tb04M )

./Admin@r00t:~$ Hacked By Indonesia Cyber Crew
./Admin@r00t:~$ Login in ------------
./Admin@r00t:~$ Loading.................. Success
./Admin@r00t:~$ Your Server Security Break by Indonesia Cyber Crew
./Admin@r00t:~$ Our Anonymous Indonesia declare war on Israel to liberate the al-Aqsa from Zionist grip israel
./Admin@r00t:~$ #SavePalestine #Free Palestine
./Admin@r00t:~$ We sincerely sacrifice to fulfill your calling our beloved Palestinian Al Aqsa glorious for you .
./Admin@r00t:~$ Shutdown-- Syalalalla
Indonesia Cyber Crew

./Admin@r00t:~$ Shutdown -r now

./Admin@r00t:~$ Thank You For All Member Indonesia Cyber Crew

./Admin@r00t:~$ reboot
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Indonesian Cyber Crew

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